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Action Center: Things You Can Do Today

The excesses and outrages of this presidential administration are unprecedented -- but so are the responses and reactions around the country. Our not-so-silent majority is fighting back, speaking out, and organizing every day. This page serves as a resource for those looking to get involved, particularly in San Diego County. 

The San Diego County Democratic Party

Sign Up for Updates or to Volunteer
Some of the ways to help right now include research, event planning, writing letters to local publications, voter registration, and volunteering in the Party's Kearny Mesa office. Sign up to volunteer or to receive updates on our action across the County. And if you're on Facebook, please be sure to "like" us here

Join a Democratic Club
Our chartered Democratic clubs are part of the backbone of the San Diego Couty Democratic Party, and are a key part of our voice in the community. Each club is unique in culture and scope, so we encourage you to find one that best fits you. Click here for a list of clubs' contact information, or look here at some of the things clubs are doing across the county.

Donate to Support Local Organizing
Much of the work needed right now is at the local level -- harnessing the energy in our community to resist injustice and stand up for our values. The San Diego County Democratic Party has the mission and infrastructure needed for organizing, communication, training, advocacy, and more. We're a grassroots organization with two staff members and hundreds of volunteers -- funded by local supporters like you. Please give what you can today to keep us going strong!

Contact Your Elected Representatives
Contacting your elected representatives personally is one of the most important things you can do to effect change on an issue. Put their numbers on speed dial -- it only takes a few minutes after hearing news to then take action!

Write a Letter to the Editor
Sending a letter to a news media outlet can be an effective way to reach a wide audience and influence "opinion leaders," particularly at the local level. Now is the time to value and excercise your First Amendment rights! Click for a list of editorial contacts in San Diego, and for some tips to help your letter get published. 


Other Progressive Organizations

The groups listed here are not affiliated with the Democratic Party. They're just a handful of the organizations and informal groups that are doing strong work against the Republicans, in support of the values of the Democratic platform, or to advocate for those in need. 

Grab Your Wallet: Boycott companies that support Trump or his family's products, and let them know why you are shopping elsewhere.

Indivisible: Written by former Congressional staffers, the Indivisible Guide describes how to most effectively pressure your members of Congress. Local chapters include: 

For more information on contacting your elected representatives, including their contact information, click here.

Women's March: Formed around the January 21 Women's March, the national organization has a plan for "10 Actions in the First 100 Days."

Our Revolution: Formed by Bernie Sanders and his advisors to continue the Political Revolution through ongoing support of progressive candidates and actions.  Check out actions in San Diego County.

Daily Action: Formed to bring quick Action Alerts to citizens by texting to tell people who to call, and on what issue, based on where you live and what issues the group decides are the most pressing news of the day.

5 Calls: Provides phone numbers, scripts, and background information - everything you need to make 5 quick calls to your representatives on the day's top priorities.

Resistance Manual: A source for detailed, issue-specific information on the new administration's policies.  


If your organization has an event or activity you'd like to like to see listed here, please fill out this form for the Party to review your information.