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Candidate Trainings Continue in August

July 30, 2015News Feed

Are you considering running for office or working on a Democratic campaign? If so, you're invited to join a candidate training series of workshops organized by the San Diego County Democratic Party, held the first three Mondays in August.

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When You Meet a Candidate, Say “Thank You!”

July 30, 2015The Chair's Corner

"Running for office can be both exhilarating and exhausting. If you ask anyone who has run, you’ll hear that, win or lose, it’s a life-transforming experience. There are few other endeavors that allow someone to become a public persona overnight, meet hundreds or thousands of people, and speak out about critical issues that impact real lives. We want every candidate to be prepared with the confidence, knowledge, and tools to run smart, strong campaigns."

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The Rise and Fall of the "ReTRUMPlican" Party

July 23, 2015The Chair's Corner

"In a series of hate-filled sound bites, starting with a campaign kickoff speech in which he called Mexicans criminals and rapists, Donald Trump has captured headlines, enraged business partners, and created an atmosphere of irrationality that is even higher than usual in our opposing party. It would be easy to roll your eyes and dismiss everything that has been going on as crazy, but the truth is too scary to ignore." 

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