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Vote for Your Convention Delegates!

April 27, 2016The Chair's Corner

"We've all heard a lot about delegates, superdelegates, and contested conventions in this crazy presidential campaign. Each state party makes its own rules about who can vote in their primary election or caucuses and how they select their delegates. This Sunday, May 1, between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., every registered Democrat in California has the right to cast a vote at a caucus in his or her Congressional District. If you would like to vote for either Bernie or Hillary delegates, click here to find a complete list of all their caucus locations." 

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Time to Re-Elect Dave Roberts for County Board of Supervisors

April 20, 2016The Chair's Corner

"This year, one of our most important priorities is re-electing Supervisor Dave Roberts to the County Board of Supervisors in District 3. Dave has expanded community health services, protected open space, supported law enforcement and firefighters, and brought green jobs to the city.  Dave has worked tirelessly to represent the communities in his district. Dave has moved the Board of Supervisors forward, and now is not the time to retreat."

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Earth Day, the Environment, and the Democratic Party

April 14, 2016The Chair's Corner

"The evolution of the environmental movement, from the tree-huggers of the 1970s to today's global awareness of climate change, is a testament to the persistence of activists and scientists whose passionate advocacy and research data have merged into a powerful force for conservation and sustainability. The Democratic Party, from the national level to our local municipalities, is on the forefront of preparation for climate change, conservation, renewable energy, and sustainability. The work never ends."

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