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Eduardo Reyes and Chula Vista's Renaissance: A Perfect Match

May 19, 2016The Chair's Corner

"In Chula Vista, we currently have a city council candidate whose energy and vision are a perfect match for the energy and vision of his city. Chula Vista means 'beautiful view' in Spanish, and Eduardo Reyes has just such an outlook for the future of the second-largest municipality in the county. He is running as the endorsed Democratic candidate in District 4, which encompasses the heavily Latino and Democratic southwest part of the city. He has the vision and skills to move the district -- and the whole city -- toward a vibrant future." 

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Primary Election: Frequently Asked Questions

May 17, 2016News Feed

What if you make a mistake on your ballot? When would you have to vote provisionally? How can nonpartisan voters participate in the Democratic Presidential Primary? The answers to these and many other common election questions are posted here, along with helpful links, phone numbers, and deadlines. 

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Voting for County Democratic Central Committee

May 13, 2016News Feed

Registered Democrats in San Diego County can vote for members of the County Democratic Central Committee in the upcoming Primary Election. As the governing body of the County Democratic Party, the Central Committe conducts the Party's general business, approves its budget, coordinates Democratic campaign activity, and endorses candidates for local offices. If you're a Democrat, you can vote for up to six Central Committee candidates in your Assembly District. 

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