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Who's Guarding Our Lifeguards?

September 30, 2015The Chair's Corner

"In this job, I see a lot of fundraisers. Yesterday, however, was different. They were raising money to cover expenses for a lifeguard who broke his neck while on duty. A lifeguard who needed our help because the city refused to provide adequate coverage. I was shocked. Please join me in urging the Mayor and Republican councilmembers Zapf, Kersey, and Sherman to support the men and women who put their lives on the line for us."

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Newly Elected Democrats Are Making Their Mark

September 25, 2015The Chair's Corner

"The 2014 election was dismal for Democrats nationally, but it was not all doom and gloom in San Diego County. Sixty-four percent of our endorsed Democratic candidates were elected, and 2015 saw 20 freshman Democratic officials taking the oath of office. These new leaders are finding their footing in public office as they serve their constituents and transform our values and priorities into policies."

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Democratic Leadership is Strong ... Even in Congress

September 17, 2015The Chair's Corner

"San Diego is fortunate to have a majority-Democratic congressional delegation that has worked tirelessly on our behalf. Congresswoman Susan Davis, Congressman Juan Vargas, and Congressman Scott Peters are thoughtful and hard-working leaders who really research issues and make tough decisions.They do not always agree with each other, and we may not always agree with them, but together they have fought hard to represent San Diego County in Washington, D.C."

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