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Thankful for Democracy

November 25, 2015The Chair's Corner

"I am thankful for a system of government that allows its citizens to work to improve it. The American system allows for dissent and diversity, difference of opinion and of culture. It is constantly adapting to balance between personal freedom and societal necessities. It is a never-ending experiment that is as fascinating as it is meaningful. I am thankful for democracy. Even if it gets messy sometimes." 

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Cracking San Diego's Affordable Housing Challenges

November 19, 2015The Chair's Corner

"Businesses are having a harder time recruiting workers. Middle-class teachers, firefighters, police officers, engineers and others are already feeling the squeeze. The income threshold of the working poor is creeping into ranges traditionally considered middle-class. Working families, senior citizens, veterans, students, and people with disabilities are having a harder time making ends meet. Poverty is on the rise. Why? To borrow a phrase from a smaller, but vocal, political party: 'The rent is too damn high!'"

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Veterans Help Veterans Help Themselves

November 11, 2015The Chair's Corner

"I do not presume to personally know or understand the trauma of war, the bonds of brotherhood or the dissonance of reentry into civilian life. But I do know a few veterans who are driven to help others through the darkness of combat trauma. As we honor our veterans this week, I want to share some stories with you about veterans who were compelled to find a meaningful way to help fellow veterans heal, cope with the mental and physical scars of combat, and succeed." 

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