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We Can Beat Darrell Issa Now!

June 22, 2016The Chair's Corner

"For years Democrats have asked me about beating Darrell Issa. The Republican congressman now finds himself odds with the voters in his district. The times and tides have changed and Issa might soon be swept out in a tsunami of voter revulsion against Trump and hardline Republicans. He can spend millions of dollars for a campaign, but this time he has met his match in Colonel Doug Applegate and the countless Democrats around the country who would love to see Issa run out of Congress."

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United We Stand: The Orlando Effect

June 16, 2016The Chair's Corner

"More than just hoping for change, we must work for change. We will work to elect legislators who support common sense gun safety legislation. We will stand with victims and their families to say “Enough!” We will stand in unity with people of all colors, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and ages for the core values of this country that we love against the fear, prejudice, discrimination, anger, and hate that threaten to divide and weaken us."

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A Night to Remember: Primary Election Roundup

June 9, 2016The Chair's Corner

"There was a lot for Democrats to celebrate on the night of the June 7 primary election. Compared to prior primary elections, in which Democrats were fighting uphill battles on multiple fronts, the successes we experienced signaled our emergence as the dominant political party of San Diego County. On Tuesday, we began to reap more rewards from many years of hard work. And we have reason to look forward to even better results in November.."

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