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County Party Hiring Campaign Field Organizers

August 25, 2016News Feed

The San Diego County Democratic Party is hiring field organizers to support our campaign operations this fall. The organizers will be responsible for implementing the Party's coordinated get-out-the vote activities, in particular recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers. Positions are also available for community-based voter registration workers. These are full- or part-time, short-term positions for which candidates with relevant experience, strong communication skills, and a passion for electing Democrats are preferred. To apply, please email your résumé to

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Women's Equality Day: Let's Make It Count

August 18, 2016The Chair's Corner

"The Republicans want to make America great again by blocking or rescinding the progress that women have made in the past hundred years. In just the past decade, they have tried to pass laws to make access to contraception difficult, overturn Roe v. Wade, deny women equal pay for equal work, deny women equal rights under the Constitution, and suppress the votes of many citizens. Trump personifies the very worst of this retrograde behavior. He has called women 'pigs' and 'slobs' and said women who have abortions should be 'punished.' But this year, I must say, is much bigger than him."

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Stronger Together in San Diego

August 4, 2016The Chair's Corner

"The post Democratic convention bump is likely to lead to to a lasting advantage for Hillary Clinton as we fight our way vote by vote to November.  But in this unusual election season, we can't underestimate the power of Trump's accusations of a “rigged system” with a cynical electorate primed to distrust the system. As this drama unfolds on the national stage, we must also stay focused on the critical races and issues here in San Diego County. And there are a lot of them!" 

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