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Republican Values, in Their Own Words

July 21, 2016The Chair's Corner

"If this were the platform of a fringe Tea Party group or a list of Donald Trump's shoot-from-the-hip policy pronouncements, it would be pathetic. But because it enshrines the core beliefs of one of America's two major political parties, it is disturbing and downright dangerous. Electing Donald Trump, and giving Republicans a majority of legislative seats in statehouses and in Congress, would lead to a hard-right turn and then a full-speed reverse of America's progress." 

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Celebrate the Democratic National Convention!

July 19, 2016News Feed

Join fellow San Diego County Democrats as we watch the final speeches and activities at the Democratic National Convention live from Philadelphia!  We will gather starting at 5:00 at the Eagles Lodge in Hillcrest, at the corner of University and Centre Streets, to socialize and watch history being made as Hillary accepts the Party nomination. RSVP at

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Record-Setting Momentum Bodes Well for November

July 15, 2016The Chair's Corner

"Over the past ten years the San Diego County Democratic Party has steadily increased our capacity for turning out voters and winning elections. With over 70,000 newly registered Democrats in the county this year alone, we will be putting all our energy into empowering our volunteers and candidates to engage with voters for a record-setting election turnout in November."

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