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Seismic Cultural Shifts and Rifts

July 2, 2015The Chair's Corner

"Lately, it’s felt pretty good to be a Democrat. From the momentous decision to legalize same-sex marriage to calls for the removal of the Confederate flag, we have seen signs of significant progressive cultural shifts across our nation. But along with those shifts has come the exposure of underlying rifts. Recently affirmed civil rights will be tested and tempered by entrenched opponents on all fronts, so that even as the celebrations fade, the fight is again heating up."

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Statement by Chair Busby on Paid Sick Leave

July 1, 2015Issue Statement

“This paid sick leave legislation is the first of its kind in the state and only the third in the whole country. We are grateful for the hard work and bold leadership of Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, the Democrats in the legislature under the guidance of Speaker Atkins and Senate Pro Tem De Leon, and Governor Jerry Brown. Getting this law passed was a big lift and an enormous accomplishment for the hard-working families of California."

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Statement by Chair Busby on Marriage Equality Ruling

June 26, 2015Issue Statement

"Today ‘equal protection under the law’ has been affirmed not just for LGBT people, but for all Americans. As Democrats who cherish equality as a fundamental value, we are inspired, elated, and proud any time the ongoing struggle for civil rights in our country results in a victory like this.The movement will not stop today. But in this Pride Month, on this historic day, we are happy to celebrate with the LGBT community, in San Diego County and across the nation."

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