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Democratic Chair's Statement on President's Address to Congress

February 28, 2017News Feed

San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes has issued a statement upon the president's first address to Congress: “We have been heartened by the unprecedented political involvement since the election in San Diego County. On behalf of the Democratic Party, thank you for fighting Trump's orders and policies, both in the streets and in the courts. We see you. We stand with you. We applaud you for showing the world what America truly stands for. Looking beyond the rabid rhetoric of the president’s speeches and tweets, San Diego Democrats will continue to fight." 

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Take Action and Call Your Representatives

February 9, 2017News Feed

The daily outrages inflicted by Trump are unprecedented -- and so is the response of people of conscience everywhere. Our elected leaders need to hear from us when they are silent or fall short, just as when they make us proud by standing up and doing right. The people most in danger under this new regime need to hear our message, too: that the not-so-silent majority is fighting back, speaking out, and organizing every day.

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Now Hiring: Part Time Communications Coordinator

January 31, 2017News Feed

Timely and effective communication is key to pushing back against an opponent who trades in fear-mongering and lies -- and is just as important in advancing a proactive vision. The San Diego County Democratic Party is hiring a part-time Communications Coordinator to help with that work. Applicants should have relevant experience and education and a solid understanding of the local, state, and national political environment. To apply, please send a résumé to

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